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Watercolors, VSCO, Swimming, and More! | 06-15-16


We have no classes today! Today is a local holiday here in the Philippines! It’s the commemoration of the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo! It’s one of the greatest eruptions all over the world! it happened… uhm… years ago! (don’t ask me about history.)

Anyways, these past few days… I was at school. It’s not that stressful YET. Soon it will be! I have been pre-wrtiting posts and drafts these days! I’m scared of not posting…

These are the things that are currently happening in my life:

Currently Reading:


The Unexpected Everything! Currently on page 179/519!

It’s so cute and funny! I love the characters! Also, there are EMOJIS! I have never read anything with emojis!!! I am already loving this book!

  • Watercolors

    I recently bought two sets of watercolors! The liquid and solid ones. I have been inspired by certain artists all over Tumblr and Instagram to try watercoloring! I have also been watching tutorials! So, why not put it into action? I might a photo of my creation soon! Any watercoloring tips? =)

  • VSCO and Bookstagram

    I have been pre-taking photos for my June Challenge! I have also been trying new filters! I decided to use F2 on my photos! I slightly changed my theme! (just a lil’bit) I also deleted some old photos that I didn’t like in my Bookstagram feed/account!

  • I bought a journal!

    I have been seeing journals al over tumblr looking so tumblr xD(whaat?) I want to be “tumblr” too so I bought a notebook with grids! I had a hard time looking for one. I wanted a Moleskin notebook but eh. It has 4 divisions: 3 ones with grids (about maybe 50 pages each?) and one that is all ruled/lined. I decided to make the first half about books! I decided to make the second one about travelling! (as if I do this all the time. pff!) I need suggestions for the last two! Please help me! Subject ideas for journals??? Do you keep one?


  • Swimming Class

    We had our very first Swimming Class in P.E. yesterday! It was so fun and tiring! I don’t really have a certain sport… I do try to join the volleyball team during intramurals/sports fest (but it’s because they lack players, and I have no choice?) and I enjoyed it a lot! The only problem is… I suck. Back to swimming, my back HURTS. Omg. But look at the bright side Kat! You exercised! You’re going to burn those fats in P.E.!

  • Piano Tiles

    I have been a little late with this mobile game… I love mobile games that involves music! I have been addicted to game for a week! I can’t stop playing! My sister and I are actually competing against each other!

That’s actually just it for today! I know, not too interesting xD but I still hope you enjoyed! How’s your week? What are you currently reading? =)

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