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Top 5: Series I HAVE to finish/focus on this 2017!

t5fThe end of 2016 is fast approaching! This is insane. Yesterday it was like… 2012. I was crazily addicted to Taylor Swift’s music (and curls). Now, it’s almost 2016 and “everything has changed”. Hah.

I have started a lot (for me) of series this year! It would have been alright, but the thing is that I just keep starting not continuing. What can I do? Sequels are expensive! I mean some of these series have like a million books! Hopefully I will finish them or focus on them next year! 4 out of 5 are completed already, and I feel ashamed because I’m on like… Book 1 or 2.


Hey, at least I finished until Crown of Midnight! I have like 3 more to go (and the upcoming last book. Aw.) So far I freaking love it! The writing is FLAWLESS! How does Sarah J Maas do it? I have no clue. The books are badass, funny, and action-packed! Also, Celorian all the waaaaay!


Hah. I loved Cinder! but the next books are expensive, and I want this whole series to be in Hardback because why not? Cinder was really cool and well-thought. Prince Kai is adorable! I just love comparing Cinder to the original Cinderella story and thought: THAT’S GENIUS!


I loved Book 1, but I was disappointed in Book 2. Everything went downhill. The characters, plot, and dialogues became a little boring. Nevertheless, I will still read The Last Star because I need to know what happened!


I recently bought Book 2 hooraaaay! I liked the first book! I gave it like 4 stars! It was pretty good. (Although I forgot about the plot. Oops. On to my reread list) I love Kestrel and Arin! They’re just so cute aaaah! The world building is also wonderful! I love the setting and vibe!


Everyone seems to like this series/trilogy! They all love WARNER! I mean, I do. Villains are attractive, okay? I definitely want to see what would become of the characters! I do hate Adam though. Ugh. Annoying. But Kenji! Funniest character ever! My friend, Christine, is also pushing me to continue the trilogy so… ya know.

These are some of the series I do want to continue! I still have to continue a lot because I started a lot. I need control, I know.

What are some series you plan to continue this 2017? Let me know! =)


8 thoughts on “Top 5: Series I HAVE to finish/focus on this 2017!

  1. I definitely need to keep on going with the Throne of Glass series. I’ve been stuck on book one for months. I’m hoping I’ll get the second book for Christmas for motivation. My worst series is Firebird. I love it. I’ve had the second book since it was released and I just got the last one but still, I’m, only on the first book.

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    1. You have to get it this December! Crown of Midnight is sooooo gooood! Oh! I’ve been wanting to read the Firebird series for like such a long time! Awww I hope you finish the series! (I hope I can finally get into it tooπŸ˜‚)


  2. I read Cinder & Scarlet early last year & definitely want to finish reading the series, but at this point I might have to re-read the first 2 and that’s kind of intimidating to me xD Also The Winner’s Curse trilogy is almost flawless & I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! As for Shatter Me – the writing style is gorgeous but the ending was a bit meh hahaha πŸ˜› But yes, yes, read it for Warner πŸ˜‰

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    1. I kinda still remember Cinder… a bit. Haha! I am so excited to start The Winner’s Crime!!! I heard it’s waaay better than the first. YASS WARNER! I do love the writing style! but at this point… I’m kinda not into Dystopian and Sci-Fi. I am so tired of those genres!

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  3. Once you get into it, you’ll definitely be able to binge-read the whole Lunar Chronicles… it’s so fast-paced and once you finish Scarlet you’ll want to immediately start with Cress! πŸ˜€

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