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Overrated Characters!


Sometimes, everyone goes: “OMG. THIS GUY IS SO SWOON-WORTHY! AHH! DREAM GUY!” and I’m just like “eh”. We all have different opinions. You may think this character is your dream guy or is the best heroine ever, but I can disagree. Today, I’m sharing 5 characters I didn’t think was all great or was overrated.

Let’s get started!

  • Peter Kavinsky

    I’ve seen posts all about Peter K all over Bookstagram! I was reading the book that time (the TATBILB hype was just starting). I was like “eh”, I don’t like this Peter guy. He didn’t swoon me. He’s a boring character. ugh. He’s ridiculous! Especially in P.S. I Still Love You! Why would you like boyfriend who still thinks about his ex? He’s with Lara Jean but Genevieve is always in the picture. No thank you, I don’t need a third wheel in my relationship! I want my man ALL MINE. MINE.


  • Lara Jean Covey

    YES, EVEN LARA JEAN. A lot of people said they love Lara Jean! They said she’s quirky, cute, bubbly, sweet, and all those girly adjectives. For me, she’s childish, naive, spoiled, and annoying! Lara Jean, you’re 16 not 12! Also, I think it’s weird to fall in love with your sister’s ex. Imagine that. Your sister kissed lover boy and you kissed him too. You kiss the lips your sister kissed. You put your mouth where hers went. Ew. *shudders*

  • Cath 

    Thank goodness our names are spelled differently and pronounced slightly different. Okay. This is probably everyone’s favorite book. I didn’t like it! The characters are so… weird and boring. Cath was the worst of all. Omg. Her life is boring. She eats protein bars (it was protein bars right?) because she doesn’t know where the cafeteria is. Wow, okay. I’m surprised you found your classroom! How did you do it, Cath? You looked around? (probably) Then how the heck didn’t you find the bloody cafeteria?! I just think she’s stupid. I’m sorry Fangirl fans! (omg see what I did there?)

  • Tris (I even forgot her last name)

    Now that I think of it, Tris is so overrated. The books make her out to be super special and all that heroine stuff. I think she’s not that special. First of all, I found a photo online from! Check it out! It’s sooo trueee! I was laughing out loud!

    Anyways, I was thinking… She got Erudite but she’s not THAT clever. She can be very illogical at times and has the dumbest decisions. What even. Also, she’s selfish. The book makes her bloody selfless when in fact she’s so selfish. When Al died, she still didn’t forgive him. Whaat? She needs pity too!

  • Jace Wayland

    Hold your pitchforks everyone! Okay. Relax. Jace is the least overrated character in this list don’t worry. My thoughts on Jace: He’s sweet (sometimes, in some weird way of his own), and has this bad boy aura that makes girls crazy. I did like him sometimes especially the green house scene… Why do I think he’s overrated? Maybe he wasn’t THAT swoon-worthy. He’s a jerk. Really. He’s also a racist! He keeps on bullying Simon because he’s a mundane. No no no, Jace. He’s also so full of himself. Such arrogant guy. Ugh. I do admit I have only read the first book, so my opinion might change.

That’s all for today! Name characters that you found overrated in the comments! I would love to know!

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10 thoughts on “Overrated Characters!

  1. I agree with all of these choices! I do have a question though. Have you read the Infernal Devices? If so what were your thoughts on Will? Because, boy is that a shadowhunter that had me swooning. Haha.

    – Jenn

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  2. I never really thought about Tris in that way. It’s true though, now that I think of it. I guess I got caught up in all the hype. The books aren’t as amazing to me anymore.

    I still haven’t read P.S. I still love you after waiting 2 years for the sequel after that cliffhanger. I have to admit I kind of forgot some stuff so I’m looking forward to a reread. I kind of feel that if she would’ve chose another guy, she would’ve still fell for him. I enjoyed Peters character and I guess you can say I loved him? But I’m excited with Lara Jean’s ex coming back into her life.

    As for Lara Jean, I didn’t pay attention to her too much but I do remember the scene in which she jumps on Peter and Kisses him because her sisters boyfriend is there. I forgot his name. So when you say childish, that’s all that comes to mind. It also irked me how she ran and did whatever, made me think why write those love letters in the first place knowing they could possibly be discovered.

    I’m hesitant to start Fangirl. Even more then usual after reading your thoughts. I just feel like I won’t enjoy it everytime I pick it from my bookshelf. The most I’ve read was the whole “Boy in the room thing.” Not guilty. I’m okay with fangirling. But fangirling over a book whose character Fangirls from there and it just continues on to more Fangirls with the fanfiction that Cath writes, steers me away from the book. Maybe in a few years. The only character that I can see myself actually enjoying reading about is Levi? That’s his name right?

    I’ve only read a couple of pages of City of Bones, I liked Jace. He was funny and sarcastic, made me feel like I found my soulmate. I heard lots of stuff saying he was a jerk and arrogant. I can’t like a guy that? It would irritate me so much that it would make me want to slap them but also retort back some meaningful words. Maybe I’d see myself as friends with someone like that? Only if I know if I can stand it. I know that I’m totally contradicting myself here.

    I have to admit, when I seen this post on overrated charcters. I hoped there wouldn’t be any on the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. My heart would be crushed. But time heals, so no problem. I’m totally cool. If you need to vent your thoughts, I’m totally up for it. Via (media) if that makes sense? To me it does but hopefully to you too? Ok now I’m just overusing my use of question marks.

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    1. I did love Jace in some sort of way I can’t explain =) The bad boy aura got me I guess 😉 Oh for The Lunar Chronicles! I love Cinder and Kai so so much!!! I only read the first book and I loved it! It does help vent on social medias… maybe yeah. It’s also nice to share your thoughts! I didn’t see Tris as I said in this post before, but after reading different opinions on bookstagram, goodreads, etc. It made me think. I realized things I haven’t thought of before! So I think sharing your opinion is important! and we all have different opinions, so it’s okay to be a little different =)


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