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Totally Should’ve Book Tag!

Hello guys! Today I decided to do the Totally Should’ve Tag! This was originally created by Emma from emmmabooks! You can check out her video here. It’s fun =) Let’s get started! 1. TOTALLY SHOULD’VE GOTTEN A SEQUEL I couldn’t really think of any… but after reading Invaded by Melissa Landers, I wanted a sequel.… Continue reading Totally Should’ve Book Tag!

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Travelling, Playing the Guitar, Watching Anime, and more! | 05-25-16

What’s up guys? =) Welcome to another What’s Up? Wednesday!!! I have been busy last week. This week is crazy as well. Really. I have not been able to sit down and read. Oh wait, scratch that. I DO HAVE TIME TO SIT DOWN AND READ, but I don’t. I’m not really motivated to read… Continue reading Travelling, Playing the Guitar, Watching Anime, and more! | 05-25-16

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SHAME! | Finished series I need to continue/finish!

I AM SO BAD WITH SERIES. I tend to start the first book then totally abandon the rest. That’s how I roll. I have my reasons, don’t you worry. The main reason is that I’M ALWAYS FREAKING BROKE. My pockets got holes on ’em. I can’t afford buying books all the time. Especially hardbound books.… Continue reading SHAME! | Finished series I need to continue/finish!


A Mini Announcement!

I decided to change “Discussions by Kat” into “What’s Up? Wednesday“! What’s Up? Wednesday will have varying¬†content. It will possibly include¬†any of the following: What I’m currently feeling, Update for my book and personal life, My thoughts during that week (this can be a mini-discussion post), What I’m currently-reading, and anything that comes up to… Continue reading A Mini Announcement!

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Top Five Friday: “Books that disappointed me!”

A lot of things don’t go as we expected it. Most of us tend to have expectations when starting a book. Come on, sometimes you just can’t help it! There are different reasons why, but most of the time it’s because of the hype or if it’s from our favorite author. It also happens with… Continue reading Top Five Friday: “Books that disappointed me!”