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Tag Tuesdays

It’s my first Tag Tuesdays! Yay! However, there is something I must admit. It’s technically not Tuesday in my country anymore. It still is in some countries though, so I guess this one still counts?

I am truly sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen. It was supposed to be done uploading hours ago, but the computer restarted for some reason I don’t know! I had to wait all over again! It’s actually around 2 am right now… I’m pissed at this computer!

I did the Halsey Book Tag! I’ve been seeing it everywhere! I enjoy reading other people’s answers! If you did it, tell me in the comments! Also, I would love to check out your YouTube channels if you have one! Just leave ‘em at the comments =)

Anyways, I hope you guys really enjoy the video! I had a hard time talking throughout the video because of my braces and a sore spot in my mouth. I hope you understood what I guys said. Also, the lip sync videos are literally embarrassing me! But I decided to be a bit open with you guys! Here is my crazy side! I was silly and dramatic. Whatever!

Here’s the link to the video

or watch it here!❤️



Til’ next post! Ciao~

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