Blog Hiatus!

Is it too late to announce this? I’ve been inactive for so long! I feel bad for neglecting this account! School has been SUPER BUSY. I feel like there’s a boulder on my shoulders*. I am really sorry for not posting this sooner! So yes, I will stop blogging for a while. I just have to let exams pass and read for a while! FYI I haven’t read a book properly for weeks! I haven’t finished the 50 pages of the book I’m reading. I have to read textbooks and notes *sniffles* I will be back SOON! I promise. Just wait for me! Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me, Jack! *insert Titanic theme song* SEE YOU SOON FRIENDS! I’LL MISS YOU!

*I am not good with the figures of speech. Forgive me.


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