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Morgan Matson Book Signing!!!

Helloooo people from the universe!! I’m back AGAIN with another blog post! Surprised? no. I think not. I should have posted this days ago! The book signing was on September 17! WHAT DATE IS IT?! September freaking 26! Gah.

Let me briefly explain my absence and tardiness. *clears throat* First, school has been very hectic. Like really. And instead of writing this blog post (and those other posts I should have written) I have been writing stuff for my thesis! Homework sort of piled up too. #StudentLife Second, our internet connection has been acting weird and annoying. Each time I open the computer, the connection is gone! HOW WILL I POST THIS POST? Now, am I excused from my tardiness?

Moving on!

P.s. This will be a shortened post and a messy one. I really don’t know how to narrate that day well. Especially since I’m still fangirling up to now!

A week ago, I was in Manila! Yep. My country’s capital a.k.a home of good bookstores! (P.S. Manila is very greedy, they should give bookstores to us.) The book signing was held at a local bookstore which was 3 stories/floors high. That surprised me.

I was with my squad! We went to the venue 2 hours early! I woke up at 3am in the morning, and only had 2 hours of sleep for like the rest of the day. When we arrived, there were only 60+ people. We had to wait for a while but it was worth it.

Let’s skip the waiting part and go to the signing part! I got all 4 books signed! We only had to pick one personalized copy – I chose Second Chance Summer. Surprised? Probably not. ALSO! Me and the squad got interviewed by these tv people twice. YEP. 2 times.

Let’s skip some more parts… Okay. During the Q&A part, Morgan talked about her upcoming novel which is coming on May 2017! (I’m going to talk about it below! Keep reading!) Next, the interviewer (idk what to call her) mentioned my question! It was a question I asked in Bookstagram! I fangirled and may have squealed a bit. My friend also asked a question and pointed out our squad shirts! Why? Well, we all had matching shirts that has a Captain Pizza logo on it! Yay! We got the chance to take a picture with Morgan Matson as a squad. #SquadGoals



During my turn at the signing, I was so nervous and didn’t know what to say. I practiced what I was going to say at home, but all those faded away when I faced her. I WAS WONDERSTRUCK. I was so speechless. I blurted out some stuff. Here they are:

  • Hi! Omg. You’re so pretty!
  • I love your books so much!
  • I wish your books become movies one day!
  • Can I ask a small favor? Could you draw your famous sun emoji?


When the photo was taken of the 2 of us, my right eye kept twitching for some weird reason. Eye epileptic. I was so worried how I would look in the photo! So glad it looks okay…


IT WAS SUCH A GREAT EXPERIENCE! It was my first book signing and probably the best? Morgan is one of my favorite authors (or maybe the only fave author so far)! She was so jolly and kind! UGH. I wish to meet her again!

Now, let me talk about the new book! Morgan revealed some details! If you haven’t heard about those yet, here ya go!

  • The new book had a hint in The Unexpected Everything!
  • The main character’s name is Charlie.
  • She has a big family!
  • And a dog! Yay!
  • The story takes place in 3 days!

Those are the only things she said (or maybe those are the only things I remember xD) I’m so excited for the new book!

Have you been to a Morgan Matson signing? Have you read her books? Which is your favorite? TALK TO MEEEE IN THE COMMENTS! See you on my next post!

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