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The Chainsmokers Book Tag! (Original)

Tag Tuesdays

Hello people of Earth (and all the other planets)! Welcome to Tag Tuesdays! Today is a very special tag! I have teamed up with my friend, Maria, to create a book tag! Check out here blog post here! We love The Chainsmokers and their songs! Everyone probably knows The Chainsmokers, right? Remember the song Roses? or Don’t Let Me Down? or Selfie? It probably rings a bell, right?

For this tag, we will base questions on their songs! There are 10 songs = 10 questions! I hope you guys enjoy this tag! I will provide a playlist of the songs below, so you can listen to it while reading this post! =)

By the way, here the things you need to do/remember:

  • Post a blog post or a video (YouTubers you are welcome to do this tag! Hiii *waves hand*)
  • You can copy the song lyrics so people can know where the questions are based on. For those without lyrics, we based it on the title. #Genius
  • Tag friends to do the post as well!
    P.S. You don’t have to be tagged to do this tag! Just give it a try!



Roses-A book/series that you don’t/didn’t want to end

I didn’t want The Hunger Games to end. When I was reading the trilogy back then, I was so hooked on the books that I didn’t want it to end! I loved the first 2 books because of the games! I think that Suzanne Collins should definitely write a novella for some of the characters! Or a book about Haymitch during his time in the arena!


Don’t Let Me Down-An upcoming book you have high expectations for

KING’S CAGE!!! I loved Glass Sword! I feel like Victoria Aveyard’s writing evolved in the second book! Red Queen was meh, but Glass Sword is one of my 2016 favorites! BTW, I THINK WE’LL BE READING MAVEN’S POINT OF VIEW IN KING’S CAGE! Maven *insert heart eyes emoji*


Inside Out-Beautiful cover + beautiful story

For this one, I’m going with All The Bright Places! I LOVE the cover and the story is beautiful! I recommend it!


Until You Were Gone-A book you read when it was no longer trending

I read Anna And The French Kiss after its reign! I couldn’t really find anyone to relate to because everyone is posting about a new trending series or book! Nevertheless, I liked the book. I also read The Hunger Games after its reign and everyone seems to be over it until Mockingjay part 1 was showing in the cinemas.


Closer-A book you wish you didn’t read

I wish I didn’t buy and read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell! I spent my savings to buy it and nope. I didn’t like it! It sort of was a waste of my time! (Sorry Fangirl Fans!) I also badly wished I didn’t buy and read Insurgent by Veronica Roth! Ugh! I even bought a Collector’s edition! That book ruined my interest in the series! #I’mTellingTheTruthSorry


Waterbed-A book that gave you so much feels

I felt so emotionally unstable after finishing Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers! Gaaahh! So much #FEELS! I even cried a little bit!

KANYEKanye-An expensive book that you need right now

I FREAKING NEED A GIRL ON THE TRAIN! The UK Hardcover is beautiful! (Well, maybe for my taste) I just love and need it because I need to read it before the movie comes out soon! I’m a slow reader, okay? The sad thing is that it costs something like $21! *flails* *distant sobbing in background*#SELFIE.png

Selfie– A photogenic book

THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING. THE COVER HAS PHOTOGENIC DOGS AND A PHOTOGENIC GIRL. Moreover; when I take a picture of the book, I don’t need a million props to make the photo nice. The book does its job quite nicely.

GOOD INTENTIONS.pngGood Intentions– A book with lots of good reviews, you hope you’ll like it too

A Court Of Thorns And Roses! I have read Throne of Glass and I loved it! However, it’s YA. ACOTAR is Adult Fantasy so maybe there are different things… Ya know. But I’m sure I’ll either love or like the book because woah! Those reviews and fandoms! Sign me up!


New York City– A book you stayed the night up for (maybe in tears)

Second Chance Summer! I didn’t stay up so late like 3am and all those midnight hours… but I read it before midnight so that definitely counts! And I’ve thought about the book until like 12am! I was still broken and emotionally unstable that night!

Yay! That’s it for this tag! Hope you enjoyed and will decide to do this tag!

Here the people I tag!

I hope you guys give it a try! AND FOR THOSE WHO AREN’T TAGGED, YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU LIKE!

Oh and! Which is your favorite song from The Chainsmokers? =)

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24 thoughts on “The Chainsmokers Book Tag! (Original)

  1. And voila!! There I am nominated again. Thank you so much Kat!! 😭❤ This tag looks super fun and I’m just starting to get into The Chainsmokers and ugh I can’t resist it but Drew is SO hot. 😂

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