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Top 5: I Haven’t Read Books From These Authors Yet!


There are MANY authors here in our planet – Earth. There are also a lot of popular authors that people swear by! LIKE REALLY. People freak out when the author has a certain release, while I sat here wondering which book I should begin with!

Well, my friends, I haven’t read a hundred books yet! #Confessions. I definitely need to read more books and check out new authors! Today, I’m going to share 5 popular authors whose books are also popular for their “amazing-ness”. I haven’t read a single book by these authors, okay?

Let’s begin shall we? Don’t forget to share some authors you haven’t read from yet! Or share your favorite author! 😉

P.S. I may have posted a Top 5 Friday post yesterday, because I thought it was Friday already… Oops. However, I consider it as a bonus post! Check it out here! I shared some books with beautiful covers!

Rick Riordan

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(Not my photo)

Yup. I haven’t tried any of his mythological stories! I think EVERYONE has read a Rick Riordan book! One time, at school, we were discussing Greek Mythology and I had NO IDEA who the gods were! (except for Zeus, Athena, Hades, and Poseidon. Hah!) I HAVE to read his books soon! I might start with Sword Of Summer though!

Sara Shepard

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Okay. I hear both good and bad things about this author! I badly want to read the Pretty Little Liars series before watching the show! I’ve heard that Sara is good with mysteries so I definitely have to read at least one book of hers!

Marie Lu

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Everyone probably knows Marie Lu! Her Legend trilogy has wrecked a lot of people! That’s what I’ve heard… I hear that the trilogy has an interesting couple, so I’m keeping that in mind! Also, her other series received a great amount of praise!

Maggie Stiefvater


Everyone swears by this author! They say that her writing is beautiful! I heard all about her Raven Cycle series! The hype is crazy! I might have been spoiled… but still checking out!

George R.R. Martin



YES. I HAVEN’T READ ANY OF HIS BOOKS! I do watch the TV Series! (currently at season 2) I keep telling myself to read the books first before I get too far with the show! I’ll definitely purchase a copy of the book soon!

That is all for today guys! I hope you enjoyed! I have a little surprise for you on Tuesday! I am co-creating a book tag with a friend, so watch out for that! Hope you have a great day! Adios!

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