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Victories, School, A Great Big World, & more! | 07-20-16

The last few days were AMAZING! So much good things have happened! However, I have to quote Teen Wolf here… There is what we call regression to the mean, which means that things would always come back to the middle. Even if things are good or bad, they will always balance out in the end. That did happen. A few days of happiness then I came back to reality. Okay, before we discuss the happy events and the bad events, I’m going to show you what I’m currently reading!

Currently Reading

T5W x TIS.jpg

“One day, Private Ringer, you’re going to smile at something I say and the world will break in half.”

I am currently-reading The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey! It was refreshing to read the first few chapters! I missed all the characters! I haven’t gone very far because of school, and it sucks.

Other stuff:

  • Victories

    First, I won a giveaway! I won a giveaway with over 750 entries! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I only had one entry! I am definitely feeling all Primrose Everdeen! This is the reaping! Anyways, I won a boxed set of The Mortal Instruments! Now I can finally read the rest of the series!

    Second, I finally reached 1000 followers on Bookstagram!!!! Can you believe it? Aaaah!!!

  • School

    Yeah, school sucks. It’s been eating up all of my schedule! We have a Capstone Project for Computer/Programming classes. It’s so stressful because ours got denied on first try! Ugh. Also, I didn’t post yesterday because I was so busy! I might be inactive soon!

  • A Great Big World

    I’ve been obssessing over their album “When The Morning Comes”! It has been on constant replay! I think I’m abusing it! Also, I am IN LOVE with Chad King’s voice! Can I marry a voice??? I would marry his and Ed Sheeran’s! Here’s the album:

My favorite is definitely Oasis! Ughhh so good! My other favorites are Kaleidoscope and When the Morning Comes!

That’s it for this week guys! How was your week? =)

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