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Favorites from Fragmented Bliss + Mini Review!

I just finished reading Fragmented Bliss by B.J. Rosalind! It’s so beautiful and captivating! She has her own way with words! I highly recommend it!

A collection of honest musings on the misadventures of life and love, “Fragmented Bliss” embarks readers on a journey to collapse in laughter and tears because that is how galaxies of memories are formed.

Title: Fragmented Bliss
Author: Rosalind, B.J.
Pages: 108
Format: eBook
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Buy it at: Amazon

My Rating:


Fragmented Bliss is a collection of prose and poetry. It talks about life, love, and truths in our life. Most of the poems were honest and true. I was occasionally nodding and thinking how true some of them are. The heartbreak poems captured my attention! I was amazed on how the author put all these emotions into words!

I love B.J. Rosalind’s writing style! It is lyrical, candid, and heartfelt! I loved this collection so much! I am not a fan of prose and poetry, but after reading this; I am ready to explore the world of prose and poetry! If you have any recommendations, tell me in the comments! =)

My favorites from the collection: (not doing 5 today)

  • “First World Problems”
    Purchasing another bag from Chanel,
    guzzling a bottle of vodka with a
    Clif bar hanging from lips, thinking,
    feeling like we’re balancing the world
    on top of our chin.

    We are the generation on display for
    people to look at,
    brands tattooed on our body,
    a price tag, a barcode – a measurement stick to calculate
    reasons why we would want to know each other.

    Replacing our worth with the number
    of heart shaped likes littering our notifications
    or the number of people we’ve gone to sleep with on the same bed
    or the amount of zeros on our bank accounts.

    We take pictures under fluorescent lights,
    imagining we’re walking down the red
    carpet, ignoring the sounds of tires slashing
    and smiles dying. Craving for wails of empty
    praises and blue sounding applauses. Scaling
    mountains of heads to reach the top and
    forgetting that there’s no where to go but down.

    You’ve forgotten that you can only stay on top for so long.

    This was so real! It’s our world’s state at a different perspective.

  • “Inevitable”

    A part of me knew
    you’d never love me back.
    But just like it’s inevitable
    that things fall because of gravity
    so did I fall and fall
    until I land and crash and break.

    (The landing kills you, not the fall)

  • “Sunlight’s Reflection”
    They made me the moon
    and you the sun
    and they blamed me for using you
    as an illusion to be alive.

  • “Elementary School”

    We colored in each other’s lines, too focused in making sure it’s neat – the masterpiece of our timeless period. We were too busy laughing over our scraped knees and kissing band-aids over bullet holes, still believing in the idea that phantom pain is never here to stay.

    This can be a song! I volunteer Taylor Swift!

  • “6 Reasons Why I Hate Attachments”

    …You think that I’m made out of steel; unbreakable no matter how many times you decide to throw me at the cold, hard, unforgiving ground. Yet you forget that steel have scars from the war they’ve been through, I think you’ve just painted mine.

  • “6 Reasons Why I Hate Attachments”

    People forget that people who can swim, drown too.

  • “To Young Girls”

    1. The world is not your oyster. It will shape you, break you and mold you to something they want you to be: pretty, shallow and nothing else.

    2. When you want to, don’t. You can break your body to bits and pieces and still won’t find your peace of mind.

    3. Boys will be boys are poorly formed excuses. Show them that girls will be girls means speaking your mind and standing up for yourself.

    4. Your body is your home. No one should make you feel embarrassed on how you choose to decorate it.

    5. When your best friend promises to be there for you, she does not mean staying up until 3 a.m. to clean your messes every single time. She’s got a life too, don’t hold that one time against her.

    7. At 1 a.m. you’re going to think that you’re too different from others and voices will tell you to cut the thorns sticking out so you’ll be as liked as those being stemmed. Do not listen to these voices. A rose is a rose, thorns and all. Think of it as you warding out the pests that aren’t strong enough to accept your quirks.

    8. You can get through anything; you create your own oyster.

    9. I believe in you. Now, go be your own hero.

    This is so beautifully written and well said. I think everyone should try to be confident and strong at all times. You don’t need a special someone to make you a better person. If you fall down or get your heart broken, live. Don’t stop living and believing in yourself. “Just live.” (quoting Me Before You here…)

    That’s it for today!!! I hope you check out this book! It’s worth reading! =)

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