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My OTPs/Ships!


Ships are sailing and sinking! We all have our own Ships or OTPs, those are the people/characters we want to be together or we love together! Today I’m sharing 5 of my OTPs! 90% or MOST of my ships are actually empty or has less passengers.. They’re the unpopular ships or the ones most people don’t agree on, but whatever. This list will have non-bookish and bookish OTPs!

P.S. I always go for the different ship! The unpopular one or the one no one mostly agrees on! Please don’t hate me? *puppy eyes* (Omg, Kat. Don’t scare people.)

Let’s get started!

  • Maven and Mare from the Red Queen Series

    Glass Sword_Eiffel.jpg
    A lot of people ship Cal and Mare, but I don’t. I find Maven a more interesting character, and if Mare chooses him the story would be different. I won’t say why people don’t like Maven, because spoilers! I love his aura and personality. He’s so hot! I think that if this ship sails in the series, it would be more interesting! Just imagine that! Cal, for me, is the typical main guy from most books. If Mare ends up with him, it would be cliche. Idk. Cal is okay, but I find him boring.

  • Elias and Helene from An Ember In The Ashes

    AEITA NAKED.jpgMostly everyone ships Laia and Elias! Considering the story, them ending up together is cliche! I want a diversity! People should end up with different people or unexpected people. It’s always leading lady and leading man that ends up together! It’s so… predictable! Helene and Elias would make a lovely couple! Best friends ending up together would be so cute!

  • Zombie and Cassie from The 5th Wave

    Here I go again! #KatIsABlackSheep! Everyone ships Evan and Cassie! Again, I think it’s so CLICHE. I want something different! Zombie and Cassie would be so  cute together! You might be thinking who the heck Zombie is… Well, you have to read The 5th Wave to know! He’s so cute and cool and… now I’m running out of adjectives!

  • Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf

    I think A LOT of people will agree with this! I love Teen Wolf, it’s one of the TV Series I am still continuing! I am on Season 4 now!!! Since S1, I am shipping StYdia so hard! They would look so cute together! Plus, I think it’s an amazing message. Stiles loved Lydia since 3rd grade (that’s what I recall) and ofc, he still does! However, the two are exactly being together. I don’t think it’s mutual? But! If the producers decide to make them end up together (I don’t know if they did in S5) that would convey the message: “Love is patient!” Also, remember Season 1? Remember this line?:

    “Sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination, end up turning out to be a perfect combination- you know? Like.. two people.. together..”

    -Stiles Stilinski.

    Maybe it was there for a reason! Ahem ahem…

  • Warren and Max from Life Is Strange

Most of you aren’t probably familiar with this but I’m still saying it because it’s one of my Top 5 OTPs! Really. This is the most emotional one! I still feel the feels from this ship! Idk why! I am also still thinking about the game! Life Is Strange is a game btw (for PC, Xbox, PlayStation) and it’s about time travelling. I have played the game, and I HIGHLY recommend it! If you are a gamer, try this out! If you’re not, you can still try to play the game! It’s not that hard, it’s a “story” game where you have choices that will affect the story! You can also watch YouTuber Gamers play! That’s what some of my friends did! They did love it! The story is really good! Here’s the trailer for the game: if the video doesn’t work, watch it here) Please do me a favor, and at least watch the trailer? Pretty please? I wouldn’t put it here if it wasn’t worth watching! Tell me what you think in the comments!

I finished the game last year and watched the trailer for the first time right now because of this blog post! I never watched the trailer, my cousin just showed me the game and I was in love with it INSTANTLY! I AM CRYING RIGHT NOW GUYS! The trailer made me so nostalgic! If you don’t want to purchase the game, well there are techies out there who made things possible… You can get it for free! (It can be possible…)

That’s all for today! I hope you guys enjoyed!~ Tell me your OTPs!!!

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