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Me Before You Movie Review!

Young and quirky Louisa “Lou” Clark (Emilia Clarke) moves from one job to the next to help her family make ends meet. Her cheerful attitude is put to the test when she becomes a caregiver for Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a wealthy young banker left paralyzed from an accident two years earlier. Will’s cynical outlook starts to change when Louisa shows him that life is worth living. As their bond deepens, their lives and hearts change in ways neither one could have imagined.

5 star

5 out of 5 hearts! 30 seconds into the film and I’m already emotional!

Non-spoiler Section:

This movie was so good! Like really really good! Hands-down amazing! Everything was perfect! The casting, setting, and script were all perfect! The movie portrayed the book very well. This is now one of my favorite movies and book adaptations!

Emilia Clarke was the perfect Lou! Her acting is just so natural! Also, plus points for the eyebrows!(they acted very well) Her eyebrows are just so… expressive and cute! idk.

I’m so happy they included the silly outfits! That’s one of the things I loved from Lou! I was imagining what she looked like while reading the book, and I always laugh and smile! Just look at these:

Emilia Clarke's New 'Me Before You' Role Is So Un-Khaleesi It's Crazy [Trailer]

Sam Claflin was amazing! Like really amazing! Imagine yourself, acting paralyzed. You might be thinking: “Yeah, I can do that. I’ll just not move my hands and legs. Easy peesy!” but Sam did more than that. His acting is so natural, like he actually is paralyzed. His eyebrows are good actors too by the way! 😉 There’s this part of the movie where he wants to reach out but he can’t, and he did it very well. It was so full of emotion! Throughout the entire film, he acted well. From witty & sarcastic to crying Will. I just can’t.

The movie was so funny! I was laughing like crazy at the cinema! I totally lost it during the bumblebee tights scene!

That was the funniest scene so far! Patrick’s gift is funny too! However, do not be fooled by these funny scenes for this film will break you! You might be laughing and laughing, but those laugh will be replaced by lots of tears at the end! Trust me! I was crying, sobbing, sniffling, and all that stuff! I didn’t bring tissues which is a must! If you’re going to watch this, BRING A BOX OF TISSUES! You’ll need it!

I don’t think I still have more to say that won’t spoil you! If you haven’t watched the movie yet, stop at this point! Watch it first then come back here to discuss! I highly recommend the movie! It’s a must-watch movie!

Spoilers Section:

I don’t really know if there’s much to say here either! But here goes…

First of all, I want to point that the movie mostly had every scene from the book! I greatly appreciated that! Yes, there were stuff that I wish they included! There’s this line from the book that wasn’t in the movie, and I think it’s really important! It’s the: “It’s not enough” line from Will! That line just… broke my heart into pieces! It would bring more emotion to the film! I was actually waiting for it, but it didn’t happen!

Second, Patrick was less meaner in the film! Whaat? He was a jerk in the book! There were parts in the book where he tells the press about Will and all that. I was waiting for it in the film, and it didn’t happen. I’m not at all bothered by this, I was just shocked he wasn’t that mean. He was funny though! He’s facial expressions got me laughing!

Third, the maze scene wasn’t included. That’s the part where Lou tells Will why she couldn’t go to the maze. She told Will her story and it brought more depth and darkness to Lou’s character. Maybe they didn’t include it because the film was PG-13. It would have brought more depth to Lou as a character.

Fourth, I feel like there were less background about the characters. For the people who read the book, this might not seem like a problem because we have known the characters by reading the book. However, for the people who didn’t read the book, it might feel like there were little background about the characters (especially Lou).

Lastly,I started sobbing by the part Lou and Will were at Switzerland already! Their conversation just tore my heart. I can’t even. They really made the film so full of emotion! The dialogues were written well. I cried up until the part Lou was at Paris! I sort of stopped when she stood up and they showed the bumblebee tights! OMG. I smiled for a while then resumed crying!

That’s really all I can say right now. I really really loved the movie and it was so poignant and heartbreaking! One of the best films I have ever seen.

What do you think of the film? =)

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