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Tears (lots of ’em), Me Going Crazy, Stressful School, and More! | 06-22-16


Hey people of the universe! Welcome back to my blog! If you read the title of this post, you probably know it’s been a weird, emotional, and stressful for me! YES, IT IS.

Currently Reading:

I am ashamed. I have not read more than 10 pages this week. My mind. Such mess. I am still reading The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson! Wow, Kat! Here one clap for you! *claps once*


Page 202/519! (about 39% percent!) That my friends, is a tragedy.


  • Such Emotions. Wow.

    I watched an audition from America’s Got Talent a while ago in YouTube, and it made me EMOTIONAL. I admit, I easily cry! (except for books, I guess?) Songs, Movies, Commercials, and a lot more make me CRY. What even. This audition is definitely touching. The girl’s voice, story, and stuff in the video made me cry. THE SONG CHOICE WAS PERFECT. I can’t even. I think you should definitely check this video out!

  • Me Before You Movie

    OMG. THIS IS NOW ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES AND BOOK ADAPTATIONS! It’s so good and beautiful! It portrayed the book/story well. The cast is perfect! SAM AND EMILIA ❤ The Chemistry omg. I can’t even. (I can’t even form sensible sentences here, help?) I highly recommend you watch the movie if you have or haven’t read the book! Don’t forget to bring tissues, ‘kay? I will write a short review tomorrow! Stay tuned for that!


    I recently bought a white button down shirt from H&M! It’s on the picture above! I love it so much, but there is another white shirt I love from H&M too! I NEED to get it, but I don’t know how. I can’t just leave the house! (my mom will kill me) I am going crazy because the stocks/sizes might run out! I’ve been thinking about that shirt since Sunday. Ugh. Also, the money I used for the shirt I bought and the shirt I will buy were supposed to be used for my book haul on September! I wanted to order books from BookOutlet on September because they’re bloody cheap. I can get 13 hardbacks for about $105 including the shipping and other fees! I am from Philippines, so I had to get help from a shop. (they have a US address and all that process) Those hardbacks cost $254 here in PH! It’s a great deal to buy from BookOutlet. Now, I’m saying a lot of things so I’m cutting it short. I don’t know where to get the money to buy books on September!

  • THESES for School

    Our teachers have given the requirements to finish Junior High early, they wanted us to plan so that when January comes, we’re ready! So far, we have 2 theses. One for Research (which is individual of the sudden! Previous batches had them in pairs!), and one for Computer Programming (which is by group. and the teacher chose the members, so Kat is not happy). I am already stressed at the start of the school year! Grade 10 is bloody stressful. About 2 and half weeks in and I’m already giving up.

  • My Trending Stories

    They gave me the opportunity to be an author for their website! Ahh! I’m currently trying to fix the account though, some problem happened.

    This has been a weird week, I guess? How’s you week so far? What are you currently reading? =)

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