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Things that give “Joy” to a Bookworm!


Being a bookworm is FUN. Am I right?! Of course I am! Duh.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this question: “What makes a bookworm happy?” It’s probably BOOKS or BOOKSTORE/S right? If you are a bookworm, you know that there are more! Today, I am going to give 5 things that make a bookworm happy! Personally, these make me happy!

Let’s get started!

  • Beautiful Covers!

Who doesn’t want beautiful book covers?! Covers are supposed to be reflections of the book! You get an idea of what the book is about from the cover! Let’s take Morgan Matson’s book The Unexpected Everything as an example. I knew immediately that this is a book set in summer, and it has dog walking! Obviously. Besides that reason, an eye-pleasing book makes your eyes happy right? (About your wallet… uh maybe not. Just cheer your wallet up) You immediately want to buy it! Admit it! You cover buy!!! I do, don’t worry =)


  • Beautiful Naked Books!

Hardcovers. Ah. I love hardcovers! Most hardcovers are plain when they’re naked… BUT! There are gorgeous naked books! It makes you want to “ditch the jacket” then take a photo! #bookstagram. It makes me happy because what I paid is totally worth it! It can be in a form of printed or engraved art ❤

Illuminae 1.jpg

This is Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amy Kaufman!

  • Inside-The-Jacket Art!

This is quite rare!! I love undressing hardcovers when I go to bookstores! I found some with art/photos underneath. This is one of the coolest things of books! It adds more beauty to the book. 2 of Morgan Matson’s books have this in their jackets!! ❤

TUE_Inside Jacket.jpg


  • New Releases/Books From Your Favorite Authors!

When I found out that my favorite author (Morgan Matson) and kind-of-favorite authors (like Kiera Cass) have new books, I freaked out. I was jumping up and down. I couldn’t wait for the release date! You trust these authors, and of course want to read more of their amazing creations! YOU’RE HAPPY THERE ARE MORE FROM THEM. The downside of this though is when you get disappointed. Most of us go into our favorite author’s books with high expectations, so when we read it and doesn’t meet our expectations we become disappointed and kind of lose enthusiasm over our fave author! This happened to me when I read The Siren by Kiera Cass! I was so disappointed!

  • Matching Books!

Kat, what do you mean by Matching Books?! It’s when series or books by a certain author all have the same height, size, style, etc.! It’s eye-pleasing! It’s also looks good on photos or your shelves! I hate it when publishers do a cover change for series! Shatter Me, I am talking to you! The hardcovers aren’t matching!! So, yeah… ADMIT IT! YOU WANT THIS TOO!


Take a look at the middle shelf (right side)

  • Book Adaptations Of Your Favorites!

Don’t we all want our favorite series/books become movies or tv series?! *ehem* Throne Of Glass *ehem* We all want to see our favorites in action or up the big screen! It makes us happy to revisit the story in a different way! The only downside is when the film/series is a flop… or when the cast sucks. Oh well… *Waiting for All The Bright Places Movie*

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post!! =) I know, this list is so… short. There are more! It’s your turn! Tell me in the comments about other things that bring JOY to a Bookworm! You can also make a blog post about it!

P.S. I mentioned Morgan Matson so many times in this post! Can you recall how many times I mentioned it?! Tell me below! Don’t cheat!

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