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Top 5 from My 2015 Favorites plus Songs I’m Currently In Love With!


It’s my first Top 5 Friday!! I decided to make it special by doing 2 at once =) I will be showing you Top 5 books from my favorites last year and Top 5 songs I am currently in-love with. ❤

Top 5 Books from My Favorite Books of 2015:

  1. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins– Yes. I read The Hunger Games just last year. I’m pretty late with everything. This book is my favorite among the 3 books =) I loved how creative the arena is and how the events are so thrilling!
  2. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson– I always talk about this book! It’s one of my all-time-favorites. I love how this book taught me lessons and made me realize some things. I felt guilty after finishing this book. I could relate with the protagonist… I do some of the things she does. The book showed consequences of those ‘things’ she does and I thought about what would my life be if that happened to me. This made me cry and stare at the ceiling after finishing. Just please read it. It’s so so so good!
  3. Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier– This is part of The Ruby Red Trilogy. It’s my favorite among the 3. It was so funny and thrilling! I seriously laughed loud at some events. I also love the ‘love team’. I was fangirling. Really. I just laughed how everything was in this book. Amazing!
  4. Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern– I loved both the book and the movie! Aaaah!  Rosie and Alex ❤ I love how the book felt realistic. Everything seems to be real. I also love that the story was written through emails and letters! It just gave me a better view of the characters. I understood them more.
  5. Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen– I loved this book so much. I like the movie as well! It’s just so cute! It was an easy and light read. It just makes me feel so happy! =)


Top 5 Songs I’m Currently Loving:

Inside Out by The Chainsmokers- Of course! I love The Chainsmokers! Roses will always be a favorite ❤ When this got released, my friend immediately messaged me! I listened to it and fell in love with it at first play 😉

Roman Holiday by Halsey– I have been listening to this one non-stop! I love the chorus so so much! One of my favorites from Halsey ❤

Fire and The Flood by Vance Joy– I loved his song Riptide so much! I didn’t listen to his other songs… but this one showed up at Channel V! I immediately fell in love with it! So much feels. I almost cried. (I am an occasional music crier. I think it’s a problem. Oops)

Disney Love Medley by Voctave (feat. Kirstin Maldonado & Jeremy Michael Lewis )– This made me nostalgic! My childhood… Disney ❤ I also almost cried! Just listen to it. Omg. All the voices! So beautiful! and if you watch the MV, look at how he looks at her… aaaah!

Boom! by Simple Plan– I have been debating about whether to choose this or Ride by Twenty One Pilots! I love them both, but Boom wins xD I love how this song cheers me up!


That’s it! =) If you have a Spotify account, tell me? We could follow each other and see each other’s songs and playlists! I just love having friends in Spotify. I get to discover new songs and share some as well =) So if you want, we can follow each other 😉 Here’s my profile:

I really hope you enjoyed these lists! Til’ next post!

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 from My 2015 Favorites plus Songs I’m Currently In Love With!

  1. Aw, don’t feel bad for starting The Hunger Games late! I still haven’t completed the third book and by now, I probably won’t haha! I’ve only watched the Love, Rosie movie but it really makes me want to read the book. I love Sam Claflin so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The book is definitely better than the movie! Sam Claflin is bae ❤ Mockingjay is a great conclusion. I love the ending, though I found the book a little slow. The latter part is definitely good. It's heartbreaking! Have you at least watched the movie? =)


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