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Announcements and Plans!

Hey guys! I wanted to tell you some announcements concerning my activity here on my blog and my plans for this blog. Let’s start with the sad news.

This month of April, I will be going to our province to stay with our relatives from the 10th of April up to the last week of the month. Wi-Fi hotspots may be rare… I will probably just use my mobile data, but that would be very very slow. I might probably be online on Instagram only. So half the month, I will be inactive. =(

Good news! I am planning to start a blog series. I really want to be active here on my blog because I enjoy book-blogging. I really hope I keep up! Especially since I will be on the 10th Grade this year. School days will be very hectic! But I’ll try my best to keep up.

My Plans:

TFF.png1. I decided to do Top Five Friday. I will post a list about different things. It may vary actually. It may be about bookish or non-bookish stuff.Here are examples:

  • Top 5 Series I’m Currently In-Love With
  • Top 5 Songs I’m Addicted To
  • Top 5 Characters That Gets On My Nerves Every Time

I might actually do these example topics! I am so excited for this series!!! I hope you guys like it =) (AND I MADE ALL THE LABELS IN THIS POST! I TRIED TO DO A WATERCOLOR THEME)


2. I also decided to do bookish and non-bookish discussions! There will probably be more bookish ones than the latter. I will post this once or twice a month =) I hope I will be able to explain my opinion and I hope you guys agree and like them!

Tag Tuesdays.png

3. Lastly, I decided to do Tag Tuesdays! I love and enjoy doing tags (even if I’m not tagged). “Tags are for everyone” like I always say. I will try to do this weekly! I will either post it here or make a video on YouTube then put the link here! I already have one actually 😉 If I miss, it means that I’m either looking for tags or making one. I have a few tag ideas in mind 😉 I might tag some of you soon! I hope you like them! and please consider this small (uh not really) request of mine… Tag me for some tags? xD *pleads with puppy eyes but fails because no. just no.* I just love tags! =)

That is all! I am really excited! I hope you guys are too! =) I really really hope I become more active ❤ and I’m sorry if I’m not original with the blog series titles… I’m not creative with titles.

Stay tuned for more posts soon! Au Revoir~

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