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April TBR!

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March is finally over! It is currently my Summer Vacation! 2 months free of School! You know what that means 😉 More time to read books! Yay!

Last month, I’ve only read one book. I read An Ember In The Ashes, and I loved it! It’s definitely a rollercoaster rides of emotions! However, we’re not here to talk about that. My review about it will be up soon.

This month, I decided to read 3 books and re-read one book. It wasn’t included in the photo because I forgot (my apologies). Here are the books!

April TBR.jpg


1. Red Queen (not in photo)

I forgot what happened since I read this last summer! I didn’t really like it the first time around, but I hope I’ll like it better this time. My taste in literature has really changed!

2. Glass Sword

I heard that Glass Sword is even better than Red Queen. I wasn’t going to read the sequel since the first book was “eh” but wherever I go, people mostly praise this book =)

3. The Secret Life Of Bees

This book has been sitting around my shelf for quite a long time now. 4 months I guess? My aunt gave it to me. I don’t have any idea what’s about, but a YouTuber (I forgot who) said it was really good. I hope it really is!

4. Me Before You

I bought this after literally SO MANY GOOD REVIEWS on Bookstagram! Also, it’s going to be a movie! Sam Claflin is bae ❤ I also heard that I’ll be needing a box of tissues because this is a cry-worthy book. I hope I cry because I normally don’t =(


What do you guys plan on reading this April? Also, how many books have you read this year so far? I read only 8 books xD

Au Revoir~ (me trying to be French)

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