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Would You Rather: Book Edition

Hey guys! I decided to try out the “Would You Rather: Book Edition”! I love “would you rather” questions! They make me think and laugh. I enjoy at how silly questions can be; sometimes, the question makes me really really think so hard. I hope you enjoy! =)

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Okay. This is so hard. I love how a story is divided into three books, it makes people actually be thrilled with the story. It makes you yearn for the story more and grab the second/third book. However, sometimes the story just drags on and on and on =( you wish the entire series is a stand-alone (cause it can be). On the other hand, sometimes stand-alones can feel like the story is not enough. You want moreee! That’s the thing with stand-alones sometimes=( but for this one… I choose trilogies! More books to read! and the story is longeeeer.


This one’s easy. Of course, I choose female authors!=) I can relate to female authors’ stories. They’re girls, I’m a girl; we mostly share the same thoughts, interests, or experiences. Makes sense.


I don’t shop from these stores, because I’m not from the US nor am I near it. If I buy from these online bookstores, the price of shipping is probably more than the the price of the book. However, if I were to choose; I’d choose Amazon. Amazon has a wide range of books! It has books from B&N as well =D It’s more practical.


Okaaaay. I stay committed to only one or two tv-shows. I tried watching a lot at the same time, and what happened is that I lost interest in the others. I tend to forget the characters or story of the other shows after doing a marathon of another certain show. I also tend to get confused. There are so many characters, settings, and stories all at once! I prefer books to become movies. I get a chance to watch them all. They last for 1-2 hours, so that’s not bad. The downside is that sometimes things can be rushed.


5 books per week. Obviously. I can’t stand just 5 pages per day! That’s torture! How can I finish my tbr if I read 5 pages a day?


I’d rather be a Professional Reviewer than an Author. I am better at reading than writing. I suck at writing long stories. Reading for me is so much fun!


New ones of course! I want to be able to explore the book world! There’s so much to read! If I would be reading 20 books over and over my whole life, it’s like I’m running in circles. I want to discover new stuff!


Hmm… I’d rather be a librarian. I want to recommend books to people! Reading it won’t cost much! I can recommend as much as I can xD If were to be a book seller, I would probably be stressed getting books from suppliers and thinking about prices, incomes, and those MATH I can’t stand!


*sighs* Um… *looks around* What a question! Okaaaay… I had this phase in my life where I only read romance and dystopian books. I didn’t try anything else. At some point, I feel like the story’s the same thing over and over. I got tired of it. I love those genres, but I can’t read just them alone. I tried different genres and discovered new favorites! So for this one, I’ll go with ‘every genre except my favorite’. Like I said, I love discovering new things!


This is very easy xD PHYSICAL BOOKS FOR THE WIN. I love how the book feels in my hands. I love how I can grip on it while taking in the story or the ‘feels’. It’s like you’re holding the story in your hands. It just feels good. I know they’re expensive, but they’re worth it! I can also put them on bookshelves and proudly show everyone my mini-library! =)


That’s all the questions I found! I’ll try to look for more and do this again soon! I enjoyed it very much! =D I hope you enjoyed it as well! If you also did this tag, put the link/tell me in the comments! I want to see your choices!!! or… You could tell me what you think in the comments =) I know I should be tagged, but I haven’t made much friends here to tag me… haha! BOOK TAGS ARE FOR EVERYONE! tagged or not!


Til’ my next post! Ciao~

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