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March Book Haul~


I got a total of 4 books yesterday! I didn’t expect to get 4 books xD But…. Actually, only 3 books are for me. The other one is for a friend of mine =) I still bought it this month so I’m including it!! Can you try to guess at least what these books are before scrolling? Then tell me your guesses in the comments after! I would love to know!



Here are the books I got!


  1. This one will be turned into a movie starring Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke! I heard that I will be needing a box of tissues! I’m so excited! You probably guessed this by now! It’s:


Me Before You.jpg

Me Before You!


2. This one is for my friend! I have read it and loved it! I totally recommend it to everyone! I even wrote a review of it! It’s —> here and I made a dream cast —> here!


Throne Of Glass Throne Of Glass!


The following ones are part of my Anticipated Books Of 2016! I am so happy to have gotten these two! So excited to read them soon =)


3. This is a fairytale retelling of Peter Pan! I love the cover so so much! I am also intrigued with the synopsis! You can check it out at goodreads =)





4. This last one is a sequel to a famous book! A lot of people were surprised with the plot twist of the first book, and I have to admit I was too xD I got a signed copy! I actually bought this on the day of the author’s signing here in my country! I wasn’t able to go to the signing and meet the author herself but hey! I got a signed copy touched by her!!! =D


End Papers
Glass SwordGlass Sword2

Glass Sword!


That’s all I got this month !(for now) I don’t think I can get more books this month because I ran out of money haha! I will be reading these next month since school’s over next month! I have two months of spare time to read!!! Yay!

What books did you get this month? Or tell me if you read any of these and what you think of them ❤


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