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Throne Of Glass Dream Cast!~

I heard that Throne Of Glass has been optioned as a TV series! I wish it will be one daaay! =)Throne_of_Glass_UK


Celaena Sardothien

I think Ginny Gardner is perfect for Celaena! I didn’t imagine Celaena as the super fierce kind of girl (i mean the face). I imagined her with a sort of innocent face but it didn’t mean she’s innocent. She’s like the kind of girl you won’t expect to be the ‘Most Notorious Assassin’. I mean look at her! I really imagined Celaena to look like her!


Dorian Havilliard



Wade Poezyn! I imagined him like this! This is Dorian in my mind! I think he can pull off the regal look! I mean he’s hot right?? He’s got the seductive look! I just think he’s perfect!

I have an alternative!!

Drew Roy! Idk why but I think he can be Dorian! Just give him royalty clothes, a crown, and he’s good to go!! Look at that faceeee….


Chaol Westfall

Colton Haynes! I know a lot of you won’t agree with me.. I’m sorry! I think Colton can handle the seriousness of Chaol! He’s got Chaol’s body! I imagined Chaol to look like him! He’s just perfect for him, in my opinion…


Nehemia Ytger

I imagined Nehemia somehow like her. She’s not exactly Nehemia in my mind but she’ll do! I think she can do Nehemia well! She’s also Christina from the Divergent movie!


Kaltain Rompier

She’s definitely Kaltain! The GIF in the middle is whenever she gets jealous of Celaena being with Dorian!! She’s perfect! I think she can handle Kaltain’s personality =)


That’s acutally all! I chose only for the main characters! PLEASE TELL ME YOUR OPINIONS IN THE COMMENTS! Tell your dream cast for Throne Of Glass! I would really love to know!=)

P.S. I tried out some dividers! I thought they look pretty! Now I think I’m overusing them haha!!

XOXO, Kat!

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