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Reading Challenge 2016!


I decided to do this challenge! It looks so fun! Plus it will help me figure out what books to read this year! I know it will also expose me in different kinds of books =)

I know that I can’t finish all of these or even do some of these. I will be changing some things though because they don’t apply to me…

Things I’ll Change:

  • A book you haven’t read since high school. (I’ll change it to middle grade since I’m in high school)
  • A book with a protagonist who has your occupation. (I’m a student so I need to read a book with a protagonist who is a student like me xD)

I guess that’s all I’ll change! 

My goal is to finish 75% of these challenges! There are 40, so I must finish at least 30 of these! So far, I’ve completed 3! So happy!!

This challenge isn’t mine. It’s from Popsugar =) You can find it here.

Let me guys know if you’re also participating here! If not, tell me your 2016 goal! How many books do you want to read? My goal is 35 books! =)



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