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The 5th Wave Movie Review!

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~Non-spoilers Section~

I watched The 5th Wave the other day and I really loved it! It’s now one of my favorite book adaptation along with The Hunger Games:Catching Fire. It was entertaining and action-packed!

I recommend that you read the book first before watching the film!


                        Rating: 8/10

I honestly prefer the book more. Why? Well, it was more action-packed, thrilling, and interesting. It surprised me with its twists. The movie didn’t really show the twists well. If I didn’t read the book and watched the movie, I wouldn’t be surprised with the twists.

Overall, the movie was great! It was awesome and it did capture the book’s story well. It was sort of close with the book. Unlike other movies, this book didn’t feel far from the book! I recommend that you watched it if you haven’t! My relatives watched it without reading the novel; nevertheless, they seriously enjoyed it!



~Spoilers Section~

Let me summarize things for you =)

What I liked about the movie:

  • Cast
  • Effects
  • Thrill and Action
  • Vibe and Atmosphere (I don’t know if I used the right word xD)

What I didn’t like:

  • Change in Characters
  • Rushed events
  • Reznik
  • Unexplained Concepts or Ideas
  • Chemistry between Cassie and Evan
  • The Ending (Let me explain this one, don’t react just yet)


Let’s start with the cast! I liked Chloe as Cassie. I think that she portrayed her well. I enjoyed her acting, it was natural… I think she’s the perfect Cassie!


Ben is Nick Robinson! I was so happy when I found out Nick will be Ben! He is so cuteeeeee!! Ahhh! I think he’s the perfect Ben! I loved how he portrayed Ben throughout the movie! My favorite character!!


Evan is Alex Roe.. I didn’t expect Evan to look like that =( Anyways, I think he did a great job acting as Evan! That made up for it! He’s not exactly my typee so… haha *peace sign*



Next up, the effects! I loved how cool the effects were! The graphics were cool too! When Reznik showed the bug thing inside the guy’s head, I was like woaahh… It didn’t look fake like other movies!

The movie was definitely thrilling! I didn’t get bored at all! Also, the movie was action-packed! There was always action going on! It got my friend (who didn’t read the book) going like:”What now? What’s going on?!” Though I have to admit the book had more action and thrill…

For the vibe and atmosphere, the movie felt natural and smooth… The acting was natural and the graphics felt real! It didn’t feel like a cheap budget action movie (what am I saying?)  I hope you guys get me xD

Now to the bad stuff…

  • Okay, Change in characters. If you read the book, you know Cassie. She’s not the party girl… However, the movie starts with her in a party. What? Another thing… Ben does not remember Cassie! I was shocked when he said “Hi”to her at the party! Man what? Don’t talk to her, you don’t know her! Also, when he saw Cassie at the end, he was like “Oh, it’s me Ben! We to the same school!”” I’m sorry? didn’t Cassie have that line? Why are you saying that?!? I didn’t like that they change the characters and turn them into different ones. They looked like characters from a teenage drama movie which is far from the book! Ya get me?
  • If you read the book, things take a little bit longer but it gives us more information and details of what’s actually going on. The movie felt fast! The first half of the book happened really fast in the movie! Evan and Cassie’s part at the farmhouse was kind of fast… The training inside Camp Haven was really really fast! That was one of my favorite parts of the book! Sadly, some parts just felt too fast or was rushed.
  • Reznik is a girl! I was really surprised! I was like:”Uhh Kat? Did you read the book well? Did you forget what pronouns are? He for a guy and she for a girl?”. I really thought I read the book wrong! I researched and saw people react too. Why??? Reznik is a guy! Okay?
  • I’m really worried for those who didn’t read the book, they might be confused and not appreciate the movie. Some things weren’t explained in the movie. Wonderland just suddenly came from nowhere! It was just said that it maps you or your brain. At the last part, Vosch mentions it and says:”Plug him into Wonderland”. Okay… Wonderland was an important part of the book. It involved a lot of characters. They didn’t mention that it can detect intentions,that’s why Ben is staying away from it (from what I recall). I may have misheard but I remember Wonderland not being explained in the movie…
  • Another thing that wasn’t explained is the squad’s code names. If I didn’t read the book I probably would be like this: “Okayy… Sammy is now Nugget. What? Why? Does he like chicken nuggets? Oooohh… Now there’s Poundcake, Tea Cup, and Dumbo! What?” That may be too exaggerated, but you get me right?
  • Now… Chemistry between Evan and Cassie… I have to admit I’m not a shipper of these two.(TEAM BEN FOR THE WIN!)Anyways, I think that the chemistry between the two was just “eh”. I don’t know what went wrong but yeah…
  • NOW, THE ENDING… Since I am Team Ben, I am disappointed that this did not happen:

“My face is covered in bandages, my hair looks like a bird nested in it, I’m dressed up like one of Sammy’s toy soldiers, and Ben Parish leans over and kisses me anyway. A light little peck, half cheek, half mouth.”

I needed to see that! I was so excited to see it! But guess what?! IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! *cries a river* I wanted to seeee that!



Anyways, it was an awesome and fun movie! All movies have it’s flaws! Especially book adaptations xD

I can’t wait for the next movie! The movie got me excited to read The Infinite Sea! I need it now ASAP!

*checks wallet and piggy bank* Uh-oh… EMPTY! *cries more*


P.S. Thank you so much for reading my unorganized review! Hope you understand ,




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